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Questioning our beliefs

Natalie shares her most powerful insights on how to understand and challenge your faulty beliefs and sabotaging mindset. Allowing you some quick and easy ways to understand your roadblocks so you can achieve your full potential.

30mins Dance with Emma #4

Starting with a warm up to limber the body and activate the core, we then move into learning an expressive contemporary dance sequence, continuously flowing to work the legs, arms, balance and core whilst allowing freedom of movement.

10mins Breathe with Emmanuelle #2

Calming Breath for relieving stress – Learn 3 part yogic breath to expand & strengthen your lungs. Deep breathing will help oxygenate your blood, nourishing your entire body. When you are under stress, your breath may be quick and shallow. Intentional breathing as in this practice will help calm you. Greater oxygen flow to the brain will help you become more focused and alert. This technique is taught to relieve stress and even to address panic attacks. You can use it throughout the day whenever you are feeling tension.

30mins Yoga Yin with Trish #1

In this 30 minute class Trish takes you through an all over body yin practice. This is essentially a slower based class where you will hold the postures for longer periods, creating opportunity to stretch and relax the deeper connective tissue.