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Below you will find three videos to guide you through self massage techniques for the trapezius, middle back and rotator cuff.

Recommendation: [start with 2 mins per side etc]

Food for thought from Matthew Green

How’s this for an inspirational quote: you are your best therapist. No one knows your body better than you, but that’s not to say you won’t need some help along the way.

As much as these ideas may shine a negative light on part of the profession, I strongly recommend all my patients find a great psychologist, and a great doctor.

Finding health professionals you trust and feel open with allows for greater continuity of care. The more touch points you have with your doctor, the earlier you’re likely to pick up on those scarier health concerns that really do require a specialist.

I’ve always found that the absolute best therapists in my field are the ones that endured personal, physical pain, not for an afternoon, but for weeks, months or even years. It sounds morbid, but they’re the ones that know, through personal experience, that you can’t simply throw conventional therapy at everything.