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Below you will find four videos to guide you through self massage techniques for the hips flexors, glutes and feet.

Recommendation: [start with 2 mins per side etc]

When it comes to pain - context is everything

Childbirth? Pain is to be expected. In the gym, no pain no gain. A strong massage. Pain for good?

The same is true for your neck pain, or your knee pain, or your back pain, or whatever experience you have that involves physical discomfort. Your brain is busy trying to create context.

If your back is sore, your brain is already remembering previous times your back has been sore. You might think of chairs and grimace, remembering that sitting is uncomfortable.

Often pain pops up when we’re not doing so well emotionally. We might be stressed/overworked or worried about the future. Over time, these things can get jumbled. We find time off work helps our neck pain.

Or we find that solving our neck pain helps us be more productive at work. It’s not so much about a ‘chicken or the egg’ relationship, but simply to acknowledge that our experiences in and around pain can reinforce patterns.

A final thought:

“Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own. .”

Bruce Lee