Wellness Platform

Well360’s wellbeing platform is a comprehensive digital ecosystem of health and wellbeing resources to support engagement and behaviour change. Our bespoke user-centric offering enables customers to engage with their clients to deliver a holistic, data-driven service offering. The platform is a living ecosystem with cycles of engagement delivering continuous learnings and improvement.

Well360 offering includes real-time access to expert information, content and services across the pillars of wellbeing. We create user-led individual wellbeing journeys that engage people in building better wellbeing habits in their everyday life.  Well360 have partnered with expert content providers to have access to in excess of 1000 videos, podcast and content across the pillars of wellbeing. 









Wellbeing Campaigns

Each month be guided through a wellbeing topic with our diverse range of content including videos, articles and podcasts. We’ll give you simple, actionable steps to start being your best you.

Exclusive enterprises can customise their journey with organisational assets, resources and events. You’ll receive a complimentary communications package to deliver through your desired engagement channels.

We offer a wide range of workout, relaxation, and wellness education videos that are suitable for everyone! Experience a truly-world class wellness experience, at a time and place that suits you!

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Our Move123 exercise and movement library offers 3,000+ classes, each delivered by the world’s best instructors in unique locations across 10 different collections.

The Move123 Collection

Our Mind123 education library offers 1,000+ wellness sessions delivered by the World’s best experts that cover a broad range of health, fitness and wellness topics, across 6 collections.

The Mind123 Collection

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