Be well, mentally

What does it mean to be well, mentally?

Mental health tends to be something we ignore until we hit a crisis point – but it doesn’t have to be that way. We’re dishing up a bunch of realistic, scientifically proven ideas on how to boost your mental wellbeing to reduce your chances of experiencing significant mental health challenges, or at least, support you when you do.

We explore the difference between a bad mood and depression, discover easy ways to make mindfulness part of your daily life and seek out evidence-based ways to boost happiness. Lastly, if you need something to listen to on the commute, our podcast Well-thy provides a smart 20-minute injection of mental-health inspo right into your ears.

Leading your journey to better mental health is esteemed positive psychologist Dr Tim Sharp, who you might know as ‘Dr Happy’, but as you’ll learn, that doesn’t mean he’s happy all the time. Here, he shares his own story and helps you take control of yours by helping you get and stay well, mentally. 

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