Wellbeing Habits for Greater Energy

It’s not about adding more things to your life because for most of you we know you already feel overloaded. It is​ about changing small habits, which then start to change your brain, which then start to change your body.​ Because it’s usually not the big things that make a difference to the way we look and feel, rather it’s all the little​ things that add up to create change in your life. Over the next four weeks, we have designed a program that ​shows you how your everyday habits like how much you sit and move impact your energy, stress, sleep and mood​. This is wellbeing as you never imagined. It’s fun and relevant but it’s also research-based and accessible. ​Over the next four weeks, you will receive bite-sized videos, articles, micro-habits and daily movement​structures that will allow you to create more energy in your life.