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We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you.

Tim Blanche

With more than 37 years’ business experience in senior healthcare roles, Tim has worked across a multitude of organisation’s including pathology, medical imaging, medical centres, public and private hospitals. His most recent experience was as CEO of Laverty Pathology (NSW). Tim also serves on the Advisory Board for Valion Health.

Anita Grindlay

Experienced health management, consultant, director, systems agitator and innovator. Expertise in health, wellness, and aged care sectors, digital ecosystems, population health/care coordination model design, hospital substitution and prevention program development, implementation and evaluation. Anita has significant experience across multiple PHI’s and hospital groups in the area of health management strategy, avoidable readmissions and bed days, care coordination programs and wellbeing and care coordination digital ecosystems.

Troy Morgan

Troy Morgan

Wellbeing Strategist and sought-after national speaker in the areas of wellbeing, leadership and culture. Troy has worked with many national corporates (including Australia Post, PWC, Virgin Australia), where he has consulted with executive teams of organisations to match company culture to wellbeing strategy. He follows through from consultation and planning phases to assist companies to develop bespoke digital ecosystems, from there, Troy oversees program implementation, reviewing and modifying through the lifecycle of the program and finally consolidating engagement and evaluation at the close of such projects.

Samara Leamon

As Head of Digital Experience at Well360 Samara brings over 14 years of experience in an amalgam of health, web design, project management, content management and digital solutions. She has worked with many national and international corporates (including Accenture, Virgin Australia, Vodafone NZ, Arcadis Asia) to deliver digital wellbeing platforms. Samara is involved in the end-to-end delivery of products from discovery through ideation and design to implementation, applying design thinking and creative problem solving to form exciting user-centred solutions. 

Ather Saeed

Experienced Business Executive with a seat on the boards of multiple digital health organizations. Ather has a keen interest in Program Management and helps organizations increase the market share by keeping portfolios profitable. Ather has worked across a multitude of domains including Digital Health, Public Health Care, Aged Care, Biomedical and Telecommunications. Before moving to Australia, Ather has worked in Singapore, Uganda, China, Saudia Arabia and with the World Health Organization and national governments of Nepal, Pakistan and East Timor. Also serving as a CEO of Interactive Health Solutions. 

Over the last 29 years, MD Solutions has evolved into Australasia’s most innovative supplier or medical devices and healthcare technologies across a wide range of clinical, surgical and healthcare specialties. Our quest for new and innovative products has allowed us to work with the Australia and New Zealand health care community to establish new technology as the gold standard of care from clinical trial to commercial in market leading position.

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